CRS offers specialist security guards in London and surrounding areas. All of our

 security staff are SIA licensed and trained.

CRS security team work with your company to provide your bespoke service.

CRS Security will help to prevent, Theft, trespassing and criminal damage.

Our security guards are focused on making our client’s business environment as secure as could reasonably be expected, enabling you to build up your business with no concerns over the potential security risks that you may face.

CRS  are reputed to have the highest standards officers, we can ensure that each of our staff that we employ is not only skilled at their particular job but that they present the ability to adapt to the situation and meet every requirement that is placed before them.

CRS believes that the security of a client is the foremost consideration for our staff. CRS take pride in to giving our customers highly trained staff.

Our Services

Dog Handling

The security dogs are trained to sense threats by smell, sight and sound which leads the dog handlers to the danger, then controlled aggression is used to intimidate attackers and act as a visual deterrent.

Dog handling services are highly cost effective and incredibly efficient – and can resolve situations much faster than a regular security guard.

Security Guarding

You can expect the highest possible standards from our SIA licensed security guarding personnel. We positively encourage client feedback on our security guarding services, because that way we can continually review and upgrade our service to meet the needs of the modern workplace.

Cleaning Services

Minster Cleaning will provide you with a reliable, value for money professional office cleaning service for your business, that helps create a welcoming atmosphere for your visitors and supports a productive working environment for your staff.